Health and Happiness go hand and hand, meaning one is not more important than the other.  Studies show that happiness is an inside job.  Many of us tend to search for happiness outside of ourselves and we often do not realize that it is something that is discovered or uncovered.  Positive emotions affect our brain function and change our behavior.  The opposite emotions (negative) tend to narrow our thoughts.  When we have positive thoughts we are more thoughtful, creative and full of ideas… Read the full article over at Identity Magazine.

Reduce the Holiday Stress!

The holidays are an amazing time, filled with joy, laughter, and hopefully a time to create beautiful memories. 

For many of us, the holidays can also be incredibly stressful… traveling, family members, crazy kids, LOTS of opportunities to over-indulge. Throw in some wild PMS hormones and you’ve pretty much got a recipe for a stress cookie! Santa is NOT eating that one.   

No fear, I've got something super special for you!  

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