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Contrary to what you might believe, you don’t have to live life feeling tired, stuck and out of control.


I know how hard it is to deal with hormonal fluctuations, making it hard to stay energized and focused, much less lose weight. For women over 40, it can feel like we completely lose control over our own bodies.

Not only do I help women make simple lifestyle changes to boost their energy and drop those stubborn pounds, but I have also used these same approaches on myself to balance my hormones naturally and actually make the aging process fun!

Like fine wine, I’m getting better with age! 

When we work together, I promise to personally guide you in creating healthy, positive habits and routines that work for your unique life and goals. You will always be supported and have a true partner to count on to hold your hand through each part of your journey. I promise to always do what I believe is right for your body and your life.

In my customized 12-week program, together we will:

Set and accomplish goals
Explore new foods
Understand and reduce cravings
Increase energy
Help you feel better in your body
Improve personal relationships
Stop self-sabotaging behaviors
Remove negative language and thought patterns
Giving up and bad habits
Boost self-awareness
Create healthy day-to-day behaviors and habits
Build positivity and perseverance.
Increase self-esteem and confidence

Program Benefits for Intuitive Weight Loss Protocol

Reset Your Metabolism
Empower you with the tools and knowledge you need to get started strong
Help you drop 1 to 2 dress Sizes
Reset your hormonal dashboard
Rediscover your muscle memory through exercises you enjoy
Discover easy, fun and flavorful ways that support your new body and family
Enjoy watching your clothes fit again
Intuitively understand YOUR personal dietary needs
Redefine your relationship with food and your loved ones
Learn to OWN your “cheat days” and be in control of your BODY
Discover how to break through plateaus

“I started Jean Marie’s program because my PMS symptoms were out of control. I felt like I was miserable at least 2 weeks out of the month. My mood was horrible, I felt bloated and I would even break out (and at my age…that’s not fair). I also wanted to lose those last five pounds that when you’re already petite, seem to be almost impossible. But the truth is…it was mainly my PMS symptoms that made me commit to JM’s program. I was super surprised how amazing I felt just one and half weeks into her program. I thought the first week I would die for sure but before I started I received a box of curated goodies from her and then my first week was a breeze!! My results? My PMS symptoms GONE in the first full month and I am now fitting into my pre-pregger jeans. I hate to weigh myself so I’m not sure how many pounds I lost but I know for sure that in the first month I went down two dress sizes!”

Mariel, New Jersey

There’s something that I know about you.

You are unique.
Your situation is unique.

You deserve someone who is willing to support, empower and guide you on your unique journey.

You deserve balance in all aspects of your life.

 That’s why we will work together to create a customized approach to balancing your hormones, boosting your energy and focus, and creating your best physical body so that you can enjoy every day – loving the body that you have.

 In my 12-week program, I will help you:

  • tune into what your body is trying to tell you through your cravings
  • make small sustainable changes that will last long term
  • find the custom food and exercise combination that will work for your unique situation

Your body is the vehicle for your work on earth.  It is the tool that helps you achieve your purpose as a mother, employee, friend, sister, caretaker and more.  It is also a key component to unlocking your next step.

If you’re ready to take that next step but not sure where to get started, contact me below to schedule your complimentary session.

You are strong and capable! Let’s talk about your goals.

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